Designing Cashmere & Silk Scarves!

To fill & nurture my artist needs I have been making some useful and fun pieces of art to wear out of some of my paintings and repeat wallpaper and fabric designs! So, here are Cashmere & Silk Scarves by Pam Powell- Screen Printed in Gorgeous Colors inspired by the Flora and Fauna of the Seasons, graphic from yesteryear(I love me some vintage)– Super Soft with a luxe flat finish-Materials: 80% Cashmere, 20% Silk Dimensions: 28″ x 80″ Care: Dry Clean Only- Scarves can be custom designed with colors of your choice & or you can purchase my scarves on my Etsy site here:

Remember, These are just my designs, but I know life is also your colorful tapestry full of the things you love so much and cherish that you would want to wrap yourselves in them, so I would love to help you design and print anything you want: a photo of a family recipe, a poem, a lovely photo of your garden, a photo of your Grandchildren so that you can wrap yourself in your family & friends warmth where ever you are! Just reach out to me

The first scarf below is my personal twisted illustration of the retro 1960’s Hermes/Chanel scarves- I especially loved their beautiful Motif from India mingled with the psychedelic hombre, the kitschy Bijoux gold chains…

Scarves Materials: 80% Cashmere, 20% Silk
Dimensions: 28″ x 80″
Care: Dry Clean Only
Notes: Gorgeous Colors – Soft and luxe; flat finish
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Perennial Lake Fleurhrlakefleur copy copy copyIndigo FleurhrBlu Fleur copy Pacific NW Vivid Coral Tide Poolil_fullxfull.1627088006_17dp

Bright Midnight fleur


Nashville Global Flavors

Nashville for All Ya-all


Mn. Woodsy Grow Chart

Great Northern Minnestoa Woods Watercolor with Mamma bear, a little red fox, and a Piliated Woodpecker hiding amongst the branches! I can put the childs name and birthdate on top of grow chart and the saying can be chosen especially for you!  Turn around time is 10 days-

To Order:

Into the woods!
Into the woods!


Grow Chart for California Girl Nursery

Just finished painting some gifts for a “California Girl’s” baby girl room. After Perusing all the great new kids room decor online I decided to put together  a fun “BabyRoomScape” with some really sweet furnishings I stumbled upon. Enjoy!

I will add all item resouces a.s.a.p. but you can order this grow chart #1, made to order @!!  Enjoynumbered nurseryMade to Order @ powell.pam@comcast.netGrow Chart for Baby Room